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- bi ; bifocal, binocular
- nikon h.k.w. eyepiece : compensating eyepieces

When it reached me, it was equipped with a pair of Olympus Bi WF10X, which, despite not being labeled C or K, appear to be compensating eyepieces, meaning they correct the lateral chromatic aberration of a conventional microscope. (Indeed, they work fine with Nikon Planachromat objectives in another microscope.) You can recognize a compensating eyepiece because the border of the field has an orange fringe. If objects in the field, near the edge, also have orange fringes, then compensating eyepieces aren't what you need. And if you use a compensating eyepiece in a telescope, the results can be truly amusing. - http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/michael/blog/0706/index.html

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